Back to a Mile from Home

So for the last few days, my walking partner, the Boss / the Mrs / the lady who puts up with me, has been plagued with a bad back, that has led to some moans and groans, and I am not referring to the good type, and quite a bit of pain.  Therefore, we knew we were going into our weekend with the view to it being restful and quiet.  We still wanted to get out but wanted to stay close to home.

Luckily today was also the first day I got to try out a new gadget I have for the week – the Ricoh Theta S.

I am lucky enough to have been picked by social media guru / Digital Consultant, Martin Shervington to try out this camera for a week and put it through its paces.  With that in mind, my wounded soldier (love you!) and I decided to walk a route that takes us no further than a mile from our house in any direction.  We started up our trusty ViewRanger App and headed out the door.


This short walk would take us through our local park, down by our local quay and around our town, with a quick coffee stop in a well-known chain, lots of opportunities to test run the Ricoh.

So what are my initial thoughts on the Ricoch Theta S?

It came on Saturday and if you want to see a short video of me unboxing it then take a look at my FB Live video.

At around £300 it’s not cheap but if like me you have tried with your mobile to take spherical 360-degree photos then it’s like heaven.  It’s small, easy to set up and does a great job of showing your environment in its entirety.


Now it’s only day 1 for me, so some of the images I share from this walk make not be of my usual standard but it certainly gives you an idea of what is capable.

If you click on each image it should allow you to scroll around the view.  Another way you can view them is on Google Maps by checking out my contributions – just click on view on google maps on each image and then my name.  The Images can be found below.

There’s still lots for me to learn but I can see this camera being a useful addition for businesses that want to show off their premesis.  In fact when we stopped in our local well known coffee chain, for a spiced pumkin latte, I snapped a few images.

So what now with this little gem?  Well, one of the things Martin Shervington had mentioned to me on the phone was Storytelling.


In the modern digital age storytelling has moved on.  One word in the paragraph above that rings consistent with me is the word ‘Social’.  It reminded me of a video I watched a few years ago.

This video led to some work at the Charity I work for, The Earl Mountbatten Hospice.  A group of us wanted to tell stories of what actually happens at a place people are often scared to visit and sometimes have the incorrent perception of.  To see this in action take a look at this link and the video below

So why have I shared this with you and how does this link back to the camera?  Well with my business mind on what I want to do next, with this camera, is bring my day job alive in all of its glory.  I want to show people the ‘story’ of the Hospice and try and change people’s perception of it – I guess this is ‘social education’ relating to a brand.

If you have any other ideas of what I can do with the camera let me know below.  Stay tuned to my social accounts for updates and thanks for taking time to read this post.

Have a great week, Darren






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