Travel Photography……I mean Phoneography

When it comes to digital photography, I consider myself to be fairly traditional in my approach.

When I travel…and I do love travelling and experiencing new places, I tend to be ‘standard’ in my mind.  In the past I have always packed lenses etc and a very full bag of equipment that I may or may not need when I am in place.  I visit the location and spend more time deciding what lens to use that just appreciating where I am.

Change is coming! 

Over the last year my photography has changed dramatically…..most noticeably in the fact that I have gone totally mirrorless in my approach.  ALL of my DSLR gear has been sold and I am sure it will bring the new users a great pleasure and hours of fun.

It’s just not for me anymore.

For my most recent vacation I packed light… Sony A6000, a small Manfrotto minipod, my iPad Mini and my Moto X.  In fact it was that light that my partner made me pack it all in a carry on bag just to allow us to have somewhere to put all the important paperwork and passports!

So why did I choose to travel and photograph this way?  To totally engage with the trip!

Each item played a particular role.  The Moto X and its camera were my go to ‘point & shoot’.  I am an avid user of Google and each time I shot an image it backed up to the new storage portal Google Photos

From here I could ensure each image was secure, synced across my devices (Phone & iPad), edit where I wanted to with Snapseed (you must download and use this!) Android & iOS, and then finally share to social media.

So what is the image quality like?  Well judge for yourselves as all of the images below followed the workflow stated (mobile, Snapseed then Social)

IMG_20150905_211836 2015 - 1 IMG_20150910_165116-01 IMG_20150911_114151-01 IMG_20150908_155757

As a data geek I also loved the fact that each image had its location saved and became searchable within Google Photos.  The images you take – it catalogues and makes its own edits for you.  For example the featured image on this post is 3 images made into a pano by Google – nothing to do with me.

When we went on excursions and I knew I would want to display or sell my images I used my A6000.  These are the images that I then processed using my traditional workflow of shoot, import into Lightroom, when I arrived home, and then adjust as I see fit.  Below is a shot from up Mount Teide where we were party to one of the best sunsets I have ever seen:


Yes, I know what you are saying…..there is a marked difference in quality!  Agreed. However, I think this is the first vacation where I feel that I have engaged with the trip and seen it through my eyes as opposed to a lens.

So it’s getting simpler for me…….

I think every bit of equipment we have has its place in our photography workflow.  Mine is changing and adapting to my style.  I feel it is an ever changing world out there and exciting times for photography – shooting and workflow.  Why not comment below on how your process has changed or how you see it changing as time and technology moves on?

For now I will leave you with some more images I took using the mobile workflow

IMG_20150912_113303 IMG_20150911_210738-01 IMG_20150911_124306 IMG_20150908_180113 IMG_20150907_211319-01 IMG_20150907_120840 IMG_20150906_211823-01

If you want to see more of my images head over to my portfolio site at

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend and keep shooting!


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