Kingfisher Joys!

I have been working hard to capture the best footage we can of the YewView Kingfishers. We are really privilaged to have a number of individuals visiting every day at the moment. They have a favourite perch on a post on the end of a small jetty into the wildlife pond. The water is not deep, it is clear and swarming with life!

Initially, we identified their presence with use of a series of trail cameras. I captured incredible footage of these amazing birds using the NatureView with the 46cm lens last year. This year, I decided to set a wired camera there, so we could record everything that visited. I set up an HD Vivotek camera, that I was able to focus closely on the perch. I aimed to get a clear image of the kingfisher, but also set the camera far back enough  to capture footage of any other…

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