Dash & Splash 2015

They call this Dash & Splash

So this weekend was important for two reasons……the blog had a facelift (feedback welcomed) and more importantly I carried out my first event as a photographer, learning a lot.

Dash & Splash 2015 was a charity event run in aid of Sandown & Shanklin Independent Lifeboat, where runners signed up to race a 5k route from Shanklin to Sandown across the sand and sometimes in the sea.  This was the first year the event had been run and it was the brainchild of Frederick Fischer from Shanklin & Sandown Rotary Club.

Dash & Splash

Frederick approach me back in April after seeing www.wightlightphotography.co.uk‘s portfolio site.  He wanted assistance with not only the photography on the day but also images beforehand, such as the one that appears behind the words “Dash & Splash 2015” on all the media, including banners, and also their social media presence.


Banner WLP

On the day it was all about capturing the atmosphere.  Frederick has already suggested some shots – such as runners entering the water and hitting the finish line and this combined with what I describe as my style – “street meets event” I hope the photos show you what a great day was had by all.

The Crew from the Inshore LifeboatRegistering to RunQueuing in the Sun Sprinting through the PoolsSplashing into the Surf Ryde Harrier, No 98 Rosie Eldridge Hits the Water Rounding the Breakwater   No 94, Stuart 'I Don't Enjoy Running' Blackhouse, followed by No 35, Patrick Quinn No 45, Ben Lush & No 43, Chris Croad Entering the Water No 14, Dicky Broadhurst Leading the Charge No 10, Courtney Stevens leads No 7, Aaron McGrath into the Water Knee Deep in Sea Georgina Newnham, No 46, Collecting her Medal Catherine & Cam Love After Their Run

At the event I also had the assistance of Richard Manser from SafeSiteIOW who manned a drone for me to get aerial footage of the day.  Below is what he captured

All in all it was a combination of great teamwork on the day and post event to turn the media around in such a short window.

Challenges & Learnings:

So what did I learn from the weekend?

Plan, plan and plan some more.  I underestimated how busy the beach and event would be.  I had my partner on standby with our car but initially we found it difficult to park and then had to drive, via busy roads, to our next location.  Scouting works beforehand – but you can do noting about traffic lights.  This meant that one location we wanted to shoot from had to be scrapped at the last moment – an annoying decision at the time but right after reflecting.

Additionally I have learnt that the post event processing, emailing, uploading and sharing can take some time – most of my day today.  I took 500+ images, whittled it down to just over 100 and then posted 84, with only 15 hitting the local paper for hopeful publishing.  I have learnt that TIME is a chargeable commodity along with my skills.

Finally, I have learnt branding is everything and I need to shout more about my brand, skills and be prepared more on the day to talk up and promote Wight Light Photography – something I find hard to do – I guess it comes with confidence?

Would I do an event or commercial work again?

I have lots of data to now consider and some research to carry out but I think the answer will be yes….eventually….once I am more confident with my workflow and skill set.

Enjoy what’s left of your weekend and congratulations to Dash & Splash for a great event…..we may even enter ourselves next year!


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