Yachts, Mardi Gras, Pirates & Photography


So here on the Isle of Wight we can never say that we have to ‘walk the plank’ of boredom!

This weekend has been a full on photographic whirlwind…..with yachts, carnivals and pirates.

Round this Island Yacht Race 2015:

So our first port of call was to chase 1600 yachts around the coast of the Island.  They set off at 0700 from Cowes, world renowned sailing venue, here on the Island (a little before we did…..well it is the weekend :-)) and headed out west to round the Needles.  We caught up with the pack on the south west coast of the Island at a place call Book where us, and half the Island, seemed to be stationed with the binoculars and cameras.  As a perfectionist (and governed by the fact that my Mrs was cold) we wanted to be able to see the colours of the spinnakers as they came in closer to the land.  At Brook the people with the binoculars had the right idea…..the naked eyes just wasn’t doing it for me!

We jumped back in our car and headed for the beautiful Steephill Cove.  If you ever visit the Isle of Wight, put this place on your ‘must visit’ list.  Refreshed with a coffee, we sat in the sun and managed to be within touching view of the yachts, even witnessing near misses and spinnakers getting twisted.


Mardi Gras:

In the afternoon we planned to go to Ryde, one of the gateways to the Island, and witness a relatively new spectacle to the Island – Mardi Gras.  Put on by local schools and a carnival group, and this year attracting samba dancers and bands from as far as London and the South West, this event was awash with colour.  And I don’t just mean me, after standing there for over an hour without any suncream on.



Shipwreck Isle 2015:

Today was about Pirates.  The International Festival of the Sea is taking place locally, so Appley beach was transformed into a pirates paradise.  Swashbuckling and treasure were abound for all to see and this also marked a new moment in my photography as I teamed up with a local ‘Drone Guy’ to provide stills for his aerial footage.  Take a look and let me know your feedback:

If you want to check out more of Richard Manser’s work click his name or visit his YouTube Channel

Along with this I had hours of fun shooting my own images, some which you will have seen above.

DKB_0020 DKB_0018 DKB_0013 DKB_0011 DKB_0010 DKB_0005 DKB_0002 DKB_0001-2

So in summary this weekend has been Fun with a capital F!!

Living on the Isle of Wight, does have it’s negative points, but sat here now I cannot think of many.  Next weekend I am off to Winchester to attend a friends photowalk. If you live locally and want to meet up click on this link.

Enjoy whatever is left of your week and I have to end by saying “Aargh Me Hearties!”

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