Is Your Photography Changing?

Half a year ago you would have found me out with my Nikon D7000, trying to ensure my images were perfectly setup, technically correct and then afterwards pouring over the editing suite I used, usually Lightroom followed by either Photoshop or Perfect Effects 9.

Over the last 6 months I feel that my photography has morphed into something quicker and more intuitive. I now predominately shoot with a Sony A6000 (God I love this camera) and do very little editing myself.
Tonight is a great example….fancied a walk and inspired by BBC Springwatch I headed 100 yards down the road to take some flower shots. The equipment haul was easy – one camera with its kit lens followed by uploading to the Cloud with Google Photos, released recently.
Both it (Google Photos) and I did some editing and then I posted. Simple and effective in this case.
I am loving this workflow more and more and whilst it would fit everyones need or all of mine it certainly make my passion of photography much more fun.

Be really interested to hear your thoughts on this workflow and the images.  Also, sticking with easy workflows, this is the first post I have completed purely on my iPad Mini.

Enjoy your evening.


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