An Appreciation for The Landscape of North Wales

I have just returned from a beautiful week in North Wales.

I last visited about 30 years ago….a time before my passion for photography.  This time I was armed with my Sony A6000 and its panoramic mode.  As someone with a passion for landscapes I usually take 3 exposures for every shot and process them until I am ready to display.  The images below are out of the camera, a basic filter applied in Lightroom CC and then straight out into the public domain.


DKB_0025 DKB_0024 DKB_0023 DKB_0022 DKB_0021 DKB_0020 DKB_0019 DKB_0018 DKB_0017 DKB_0016 DKB_0015 DKB_0014 DKB_0013 DKB_0012 DKB_0011 DKB_0010 DKB_0009 DKB_0008 DKB_0007 DKB_0006 DKB_0005 DKB_0004 DKB_0003 DKB_0002 DKB_0001


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