2015 My Year in Photography

Today I bought a book…..a real book!


I am feeling very inspired presently; with my gear, my (more mobile) workflow and most importantly the environment around me.  This morning I took a wonderful walk near the coast to allow me to take in the beauty of where I live.  At this time of year when I am out, I think a lot.  Today it was all about how I will better my photography skills in 2015.  I want to make 2015 ‘My Year in Photography”.

I am not 100% sure what that means to me yet but I do know I want to stretch myself out of my comfort zone both creatively and technically; coming out of 2015 with more photographic / creative / post processing skills that when I commenced the year.  One to do this is by taking part in some of the many ‘social photography projects’ that exist now online.  Below are a few I am considering and links to all their details.

Weekly Photo Project 2015

This a project that I have been part of before, back in 2013.  In 2014 year I took a break.  Every week a theme is posted and you have fun interpreting it the way you see fit, submitting your finished photo onto G+.  You get to meet all sort of photographers through this at all levels and I guarantee not only will you be inspired, you will learn something new all the time, both techniques and ideas.

The B&W Project 

As you guessed this is all about Black & White photography.  This starts in January but each theme lasts two weeks.  I must admit as someone who ‘plays’ with B&W, this is a project I am seriously considering.

Project 365

Now this takes some commitment!  One picture everyday over the course of 1 year.  I tried this and didn’t complete it….there were always excuses and I constantly played catch up.  However, I would imagine if you make it to the end, it’s a fantastic way to review your past year.

I am also considering some personal projects for myself:

  • Photoshpere-ing (don’t think that is a real word) the Isle of Wight.  My current attempts at photospheres can be found on this link http://goo.gl/hOHxB4  Its certainly a skill I want to improve at.
  • Oculus Images of where I live and the year I have.  If you don’t know what I am on about here take a look at this page http://goo.gl/qZI94D  With the right setting and skill, these are a creative way to look at the world around you.
  • Finally, using the book I brought today Digital Photography Month by Month choose subjects of my choice out of the book, with no time pressures resting on me, ensuring I aim to challenge myself with the end results.

So what will you do?  Another year of point and shoot or a year whereby you engage with you inner creativity and aim to come out of 2015 with a better set of photographic skills?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you will be challenging yourself creatively in 2015.  Until then enjoy your weekend and I will leave you with and image form this morning’s walk.



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