How I Stay Organised for My Life’s Work

I am not perfect and I am fully aware that I forget loads.  What with work, personal life and future planning, I always get to the end of the day / week / month and think “damn I forgot to….”

Like most people in our connected world I feel as though my brain is constantly on – constantly wired on information and distraction both online and offline.  Therefore, I need a place to sort all of this.  My choice is Evernote.

Multi platform and with me always, everything and anything gets thrown into my “external brain”.  I set reminders and it pops up and lets me know that I need to action this and that.

 So how do I use it?  Below is a list of how I commonly use Evernote:

  • Goal Setting once a year to review regularly
  • Work for meetings and then sharing information afterwards
  • Web Clipping for stuff I like or want to come back to using the excellent Webclipper
  • Striving to go paperless as per Jamie Rubin
  • Travel planning and documents when I travel
  • Photography plans
  • Records of what I buy and then their guarantees
  • Blogging
  • Research
  • To do and task lists

The list goes on…..

I organise using a series of notebooks.  A screenshot of some of my setup is below (best viewed in full screen)

Fullscreen_02_11_2014_16_24 You will see that the books with white binders are what Evernote terms as ‘stacks’ – these are notebooks with a given subject area such as my personal stack containing 19 notebooks – within them are my notes / thoughts / clippings and reminders.


I find this is the best way for me to stay organised and able to find something and I also have an !nbox (yes that is an exclamation mark and spelt that way, so that it places it at the top of my Evernote lists)  where I place items I am unsure where to file.

What’s great is that same setup is accessible on my phone at any give time.


 Everything you place into Evernote is backed up in the cloud on their servers.  As an individual I am trying to place as much of my life up there as possible so that I can access it when I need it.

 The mobile workflow I have with Evernote is complemented with Google Drive and its suite of products. I cannot remember the last time I actually used a traditional word processor, such as Word, in fact this post was created using Google Docs and uploaded straight to my blog using a plugin.  Even this blog started in Evernote and when an idea strikes me for a post – in it goes…..never to be forgotten.

So I guess what I am saying is why not give remembering everything a go and why not sign up to Evernote.  Hell if you want to ask any advice or questions I’d be happy to help.

So for everything you’ll do, Evernote is the workspace to get it done.


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