Travelling ‘Light’

Travelling is good for the senses!  

When you get a a chance to experience something new, taste something different and experience a new place and culture, you should fully immerse yourself into whatever you are doing. 

As photographers sometimes this is hard for us and we miss the greatness of where we are and what is going on.  Why?  Well simply we are too engrossed in choosing our lens, checking our ISO, setting our aperture or letting our mind run wild with post processing ideas.

In September I am travelling to Gran Canaria  Now, whilst I have been here before – about 15 or so years ago, I want to ensure I enjoy every moment of the experience and don’t miss anything with my own camera – my eyes!

Therefore, I have made a conscious decision to travel light.  The D7000, lens selection and backpack – leading to achy shoulders – are staying at home and the kit below is coming with me:


  • iPad Retina Mini with Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Samsung NX1000 Mirrorless Camera fitted with 20-50mm lens
  • Samsung 70-200mm lens
  • Joby Mini Tripod with level
  • Go Pro Hero Black with spare batteries
  • Chest Strap for GPro – not in picture (use this when snorkelling to capture underwater shots) 
  • SD card reader for iPad to transfer images I’d like to work on – not in picture

Additionally on my iPad I have the following essential software installed:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud – Love the way this allows me to sync with home
  • Photoshop Mix – layers on the go and initial processing
  • Snapseed – quick editing for Social Media posts
  • Go Pro App for controlling the camera 

So why do I use this setup more and more? 

It’s a simple answer – it’s mobile and does what I need until I get home to the power of the iMac and Photoshop CC.  I means that I am fully engaged with my experience whilst I am away too and don’t miss out – essential to a great trip and making great memories.  

Over the last few trips I have also started using my Moto X much more too.  The camera on this is great for quick shots and 360 photospheres using the Google Camera.  This is a skill I am in the process of perfecting but I am enjoying learning to refine it.  

The final reason I use this setup with the Samsung is that the pictures are superb.  Here’s a shot from my last trip:


Enjoy your travels wherever they may take you and make sure you are present in the moment.  I will leave you with the piece of music I wrote this entry to.  Going Home (make sure you turn your volume up loud)




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